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These are pictures of some of the items I made in the past month:

- Sheath for a folding knife

- A shelf for my daughter

- Notebookbag (with piggy-back für mouse and powersupply) for my son

Wood, Leather, Knives

Welcome to my website. My name is Bernhard Rindlisbacher.

I am working as an IT specialist in an international company. But in my spare time I like to work with wood, leather and knives. As an IT guy it is often frustrating that after  a full working day, despite having achieved a lot things and possibly solved a good number of problems, you don't really have something that you can take in your hands and say: This I what I made today.

It is quite a different story with the items I make out of wood and leather. They are still touchable after weeks, month and years. So this is a nice balance to my office job.


Contact: bernie@bewoleks.com





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